Reach and Wash Window cleaning

Reach and Wash window cleaning water-fed pole system

For most window cleaning jobs, we use the Reach and Wash window cleaning system: a water-fed pole system that allows us to clean your building while standing on the ground.

The system pumps purified water directly to your windows through a lightweight carbon pole. Your City Contract Cleaners window cleaner stays at ground level, simply moving around the building on foot to reach all of the windows.

Benefits of the Reach and Wash system

  • Lower costs – there is no access equipment to hire and we spend less time on site.
  • Quicker service  – with no ladders to climb and move, we get the job done more quickly.
  • Less disruption – as well getting the job finished quicker, you won’t have to worry about ladders or machinery around your building.
    And you’ll also get:

  • Windows that stay cleaner for longer
  • Your frames cleaned at the same time
  • Smear and residue free windows

Get in touch to discuss using our reach and wash system to clean your windows.

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