Commercial cleaning services

As well as commercial window cleaning we’re also equipped to carry out a number of other cleaning services for your organisation.

Gutter cleaning

We use our window cleaning equipment – either a mobile elevating work platform or ladders, depending on the building – to allow us to access your guttering and give them a good clean.

You can hire us to clean the gutters as a standalone job, or get us to do it while we’re cleaning the windows. Either way, we’ll get rid of any grime and debris that has built-up to help you avoid problems that could result in leaks or in you needing to replace the gutter.

High pressure washing

It’s not just glass that we can get looking absolutely spotless. Why not take advantage of our high pressure washer to get other parts of your property looking as good as new?

We can help you to get rid of dirt that has built-up around your building, unsightly stains on driveways, pavements and car parks, and even unwanted paint from walls.

Carpet cleaning

Sometimes a quick vacuum simply doesn’t get your carpet looking as clean as you would want it. That’s where we can help. Our specialist carpet cleaning machines will soon have your floors projecting an image of absolute cleanliness in no time at all.

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